Asperger’s symptoms are my superpower, says Tom Angleberger

Asperger’s symptoms have their perks, according to Tom Angleberger, who attributes his career as an author of children’s books to his Asperger’s symptoms. Best known for the Origami Yoda series, Angleberger admits that while there are things that he, like many Aspies, has trouble doing, such as making eye contact, and that sometimes he canContinue Reading

Asperger’s bullying: Birthday response on social media goes viral

So many Aspies have difficulties making friends and struggle with being bullied. 13-year-old Odin Camus was no different. Odin was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome eight years ago when he was five. Like many Aspies, he has problems with social interactions. Still, neither he nor his mother Melissa could have foreseen that when he invited 15Continue Reading

Aspertools salutes the Topher Wurts autism app

Thank you Topher Wurts for developing a new Aspertool we can all use to make wise choices for those whose brains are a bit different. Topher’s 13-year-old son, Kirby, has autism, and the father is taking a positive approach to a real problem: finding restaurants, museums, playgrounds and other locations that are “autism-friendly.” An articleContinue Reading